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Price Outfit # Description Available Colors

$45.00 A001 Short-sleeved Party Dress Pink, Floral
$42.50 A002 Sundress Pink only
$48.50 A003 Jumper and Blouse Red, Brown
$45.00 A004 Organdy Party Dress Green, Pink, Blue, Peach
$50.00 A005 School or Travel Dress Rust plaid
$50.00 A006 Party Dress with Apron Lavendar, Pink, Blue
$35.00 A007 Angel Costume w/halo & wings Green
$35.00 A008 Angel Costume w/halo & wings Cranberry
$50.00 A009 School or Travel Dress Cranberry plaid
$50.00 A010 Party Dress with Pinafore Red only
$50.00 A011 Gray-striped Skirt with Blouse & Vest Vest colors: Black, Red, Gold, Green
$50.00 A012 Silk Party Dress Red, Pink, Gold, Blue
$50.00 A013 School or Travel Dress Green plaid
$50.00 A014 Plaid Skirt with Velvet Vest Vest colors: Black, Red, Green
$42.50 A015 Flannel Nightgown Pink, Yellow, Blue
$48.50 B016 Velvet Coat with Hat Green, Gold, Blue, Beige, Brown
$48.50 B017 Faux Fur Coat with Hat Gold Faux Fur
$42.50 B018 Handkerchief Dress Lavendar, Floral
$45.00 B019 Lacey Party Dress Pink, Light Green, Blue, Yellow
$50.00 B020 Polka Dot Dress Lavendar, Yellow, Blue, Red
$45.00 B021 Lacey Party Dress Blue, Peach, Light Green
$45.00 B022 Silk Dress Mauve only
$45.00 B023 Print Dress Yellow, Blue, Pink
$50.00 B024 Party Dress with Rosettes Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green
$45.00 B025 Lace-edged Party Dress Turquoise, Yellow, Green
$48.50 B026 White & Lavendar Summer Dress White with Lavendar trim only
$45.00 B027 Organdy Party Dress with Rosettes Pink, Gold, Blue
$50.00 B028 Ribbons & Lace Silk Party Dress Cranberry only
$50.00 B029 Roses & Lace Silk Party Dress Olive Green only
$48.50 C030 Raincoat, Hat & Umbrella Yellow only
$45.00 C031 Polka Dot Clown Costume Yellow, Blue, Red, Green
$60.00 C032 Raggedy Ann Costume as shown
$10.00 C033-1 Handmade Glass Bead Purse Red
$10.00 C033-2 Handmade Glass Bead Purse Green
$10.00 C033-3 Handmade Glass Bead Purse Blue
$10.00 C033-4 Handmade Glass Bead Purse Purple
$15.00 C033-5 Handmade Glass Bead Evening Bag Gold with open beadwork
$48.50 C034 Floral Romper with Blouse Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink
$48.50 C035 Print Romper with Blouse Red only
$50.00 C036 Overalls with Blouse Blue, Red, Green
$42.50 C037 Handkerchief Dress White with Red Polka Dots only
$42.50 C038 Handkerchief Dress Lavendar, Floral
$48.50 C039 Checked Dress with Rosettes Pink, Blue, Lavendar, Green, Yellow
$42.50 C040 White Eyelet Nightgown White Eyelet only

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